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Are you looking to add days to your hunt? Our quick-attach Pelican Pack enables you to store more food, clothing or gear to stay with the game.

The Pelican Pack is available in two sizes depending on your pack selection. Add an additional 1,600 cubic inches to your Yukon Frame Pack Combo, or an additional 1,400 cubic inches to the Kodiak or Cascade Frame Combo pack systems.
What will you do with your new space? The Pelican Pack features an external draw cord system allowing for easy compression when not in use, or to lash additional gear such as sleeping pads and sleeping bags to the exterior.
Our guaranteed unbreakable nylon Gatekeeper latch system ensures the pack stays securely attached to your pack, while allowing for easy-disconnect.

Find Your Limits with the Pelican Pack addition.

• 1,600 cubic inches of additional space for Yukon pack system
• 1,400 cubic inches of additional space for Bighorn and Compact Frame systems
• Available in green and Wilderness camo pattern
• Full-length top zipper
• Gatekeeper unbreakable nylon latch system
• Draw cord compression system