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Wilderness Pack Specialties began with one goal: to create a line of 100% American Made, Berry-compliant, rugged backpacks and equipment designed solely for the hunt. Since 1995, our pack line has thrived under all conditions from the mountains of Afghanistan to Yukon moose hunting in the Arctic Circle to base camp of Mount Everest.


Our packs have withstood the punishment of professional guides day after day, year after year without fail.


Reliability is the key—designing and constructing a pack around the best-sourced materials so you stay safe and comfortable on your hunt. The Wilderness Pack Specialties offers a full line of Berry-compliant packs designed with functional NIR-Compliant, UV-negative materials. The question is, when you are miles from the trailhead will you trust anything but the best?


Building the perfect hunting pack is similar to creating the perfect recipe: every ingredient adds its own undeniable flavor to the end result. The same attention goes to our choice pack materials. The end result is a 100% BERRY Compliant pack for the hunter.


So, what does it mean to be BERRY Compliant?


BERRY Compliant means that every component, from frame to thread, is 100% American made, including all manufacturing and assembly. We take pride is saying we truly are Made in America, with each pack being hand-built in Klamath Falls, Oregon.



Wilderness Pack Specialties offers several military-grade frames to fit your hunting style and needs. Our Kodiak, Cascade, and Yukon frames are constructed of guaranteed unbreakable Xenoy composite material. The Xenoy frames can take the worst abuse and keep on performing, and offer a load rating of 120 pounds. Carrying weight-to-frame weight is what sets these frames apart.

All frame designs are built with flexibility in mind. A rigid pack foundation creates hotspots and body fatigue due to awkward movement and body position during the hunt. Our frame series offers solid load-carrying capability with the added flexibility to contour


Every buckle on a Wilderness Pack is guaranteed unbreakable. Whether it is our slip-free strap keepers for a firm pack-to-frame connection, or our Nylon waist and sternum buckles, you can rest assured you’ll stay supported. 

Workmanship. Comfort. Reliability. Safety.


We here at Wilderness Pack Specialties believe in the products we produce. We also believe there is nothing better than a truly 100% American made product. Our employees produce top of the line gear at our Klamath Falls, Oregon facility—everything from stitching to packaging. We are so proud of our workmanship that we guarantee every one of our products.


Our Guarantee


Our Guarantee is simple: You break it, we fix it. In 18 years of building leading-edge hunting packs and gear we have always focused on our customers’ needs, no matter how extreme the conditions.

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