Kodiak Frame

After a year spent planning your hunt, scrutinizing the details, are you willing to trust your success to anything less than the best? The Kodiak is the perfect frame for getting you deep into the wilderness and for packing your game out.

How did we create the perfect load carrying system? We showcased our super strong, U.S. Military-tested Xenoy composite frame, which is guaranteed unbreakable, and features a load rating of 120 pounds with our unmatched belt and harness system.

Are you hoping to pack out more game this season? Ask us about our no-twist Super Duty hip belt system for when the game hits the trail. Our load-leveraging system is designed to keep you upright despite a heavy load. When you have miles to the trailhead our frame will keep you comfortably upright.

The built-in Handi-pak lashing system is included with every Kodiak frame, and allows for easy access to carry out the largest big game hindquarters. When not in use, the Handi-pak cinches tight to the frame to avoid snags.

Don’t trust your hunt to anything but the best. Be prepared and have a Kodiak Frame in your camp this season—you’re going to need it.


Optional Features


Quick Attach Strap 
These handy straps attach to the outside of the hip belt on our frame packs and allow you to carry gear on the belt with or without the bag attachment. Quick attach straps come in a pair of two for the price.

Kodiak Frame

Quick Attach Strap





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