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Boot Gaiters

Two things can guarantee a tough hunt: wet boots and dirt-filled boots. A hunt often begins and ends with your feet—keep them dry and comfortable with out knee-high boot gaiters so you can focus on the hunt.
Our boot gaiters are 100% made in America, and feature a front zip design for easy on and off, and the Velcro zipper flap keeps you dry.
The days of poor fitting gaiters are over thanks to our quick-release top straps, which keep the gaiters up and in place.
A Hypalon heel strap, noted for its resistance to extreme temperatures and UV light, keeps snow and ice buildup to a minimum for easy walking.
Our boot gaiters are available in Wilderness camo or gray.

Wilderness Packs line of 100% American made gear helps you Find Your Limits. Let brush, snow, dirt and rocks be a thing of the past with our boot gaiters.

Boot Gaiters

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